The pure pleasure holiday in the Tyrolean mountains

While some people are discovering fried fast food, or try a little Nouvelle Cuisine, or even think that shocking is the 8th wonder of the in the middle of our mountains in Marlstein, we’re enjoying a glass of fresh milk and shaking our heads disbelievingly at the ‘new’ culinary developments.

Crown of young mountain lamb, homemade brawn, roast Tyrolean veal and fine soups have been our staple for centuries. We just don’t give it fancy names and prefer it to be plain and simple. Most of our raw ingredients come straight from our farm and are cooked by Martin and his team. Milk, eggs, meat, bacon, sausages, and fresh herbs from our herb garden like lovage, thyme, sage, chives and parsley. And of course, the crops from the fields like potatoes and other vegetables, chanterelles and porcini mushrooms from our forests and fish from our streams and plenty of game.

O‘gstochens, Gröstl and
Schmarren for gourmets

We cook simple, hearty and delicious food. Our guests don't just make the trip up the mountain to eat and drink for no reason.

Our menu includes regional dishes like Tiroler Gröstl (meat cooked with potatoes and herbs) made with fine topside and brisket, or Tafelspitz (boiled beef) with fresh vegetables and roast potatoes and Kaiserschmarren (shredded sweet pancakes). We also have seasonal dishes: Steinpilzragout (ragout of porcini mushrooms), O’gstochens (meat kebab), Bauernschmaus (traditional farmer's dish) and Hauswurst (homemade sausages) – everything that nature gives us.

Tyrolean and Austrian specialities are combined with authentic, but sometimes surprisingly refined, dishes to add selected delicacies to the culinary diversity here in Europe. Simple, delicious and with no theatrics!

Slow food in a cosy lounge

Here in Marlstein we offer warmth, hospitality and above all we are ourselves. We haven't learned it, it comes from within. You can tell the moment you sit and dine with us. Meals are served in the 100-year-old pine-panelled Bauernstube (Rustic Lounge), in the Tirolerstube (Tyrolean Lounge), in the Jägerstube (Hunting Lounge) and in our cosy restaurant. There’s plenty of room to enjoy, laugh and live life. And of course, for celebrations and festivals!