Electromobility and sustainability

Water and sewage

Our grandfather dug the first water supply by hand from the mountain to Marlstein and thus laid the foundation for renting out guest rooms. We have continued to invest in it and can offer great water quality. A lot has also been invested in the waste water, so we clarify everything that arises on site and the clear water can continue to flow into the valley. A truck only has to go to Marlstein two to three times a year to pick up the solids.


A 97.5 kwp photovoltaic system has been running on our barn roofs since 2016 and supplies the hotel with 120 MWh of electricity annually. That is about 50% of our own consumption, we get the rest from sustainable and ecological hydropower and are therefore 100% CO2 neutral as far as electricity is concerned.

Electric charging station

In recent years, we have also created ways for our guests to charge their electric cars and hybrid vehicles. At the moment we have 4 charging stations available for you (and us). You can charge your cars with 11KW, so nothing should stand in the way of your holiday with your electric car.

Electric Hotel Shuttle

In winter we bring our guests to the ski area with two buses. One of them is already electric. Also in summer we drive together with our Mercedes EVito to the most beautiful hikes in the Ötztal. In this way we save around 1800 liters of diesel and charge our solar power whenever possible.

Air source heat pump

When it comes to heating, things don't look quite as good, but in 2022 we invested in a large air heat pump with associated buffer storage, which should reduce our oil consumption from 25,000 liters to 6,000 to 7,000 liters.