holiday on a farm

City folk think that our life in the mountains is idyllic. The air is always fresh, the food is healthy, we get up at dawn and go to bed at dusk. And enjoy doing meaningful work during the day and stay young. And they’re not wrong!

Marlstein is one of the oldest high alpine traditional farms in the Tyrol. There has been a livestock small holding here since the 14th Century. Our ancestors have been mountain farmers and cattle breeders here for as long as we can remember, just like you see in books! The old stables were moved 150 m away from the guesthouse in 2004 and we refurbished the entire interior into a new, state-of-the-art building. We didn’t do this to stop our guests hearing the cows lowing but because the old stables were simply too small. We created a future-orientated, light-filled new build that fits in harmoniously with the hillside and surrounding landscape, and that we can use for centuries to come.

Austria’s highest cattle
breeding farm

The new stables at our Knopfnhof farm have space for a total of 30 animals, ten of which are cows. The large stanchion-tied stable has a yard, stalls and a feeding area to the side.

The new build guarantees us a prosperous future for both our farm and guesthouse.

By the way: The Marlstein farm has been one of the best cattle breeding farms in the Tyrol for many years. Our elite cow “Krone” has been named the most beautiful cow in Austria twice and has won numerous national and county awards! She's travelled Europe and is a famous cover model! She's the origin of the famous K-line which has produced many award-winning animals. Some of them (and the most beautiful of course!) live here in our new stables, like “ Klarissa” who recently became the Tyrolean State Champion again.

Real life for nature lovers

Enjoy an authentic holiday on the farm in Marlstein. You don’t have to do a thing. But if you and your children have a passion for horses, cows, manure and pitchforks, then we've got everything you need! Once a week all our guests are invited to get to know our traditional farm a little better. The cattle are cleaned and fed, the manure removed from the stalls, the cows milked....and of course there’s lots more work waiting in the meadows. We’ll be happy to show you the difference between the first, second and third cuts of hay – even though they all look like dried grass! There are also hundreds of other little oddities to be discovered.

Plus, our petting zoo is open every day. It’s not really a zoo but rather a stable filled with very special animals like miniature goats, dwarf sheep, different breeds of chickens, a donkey, rabbits and small ponies. When you see how everything relies on nature here in Marlstein, you’ll understand why some guests who only came for a quick look end up coming back year after year.